Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chili Supper Fundraiser

Hello all! On Thursday October 16 at 5:30, I am attempting my first ever fundraiser. I have been running around the past few weeks getting donations and selling tickets. This fundraiser is important to me because it is for a friend and for such a great cause. My friend, Shay Sanderson, went to Ethiopia with a group called the Mocha Club, which is part of African Leadership, based out of Nashville. While there, she worked with 5 orphanages. Through this experience, she felt led to adopt a child from Ethiopia. She has started the adoption process and is ready to bring her new little girl to America. They adoption process is long and expensive. The Chili Supper fundraiser is the best way, I could think of, to help with the adoption expenses. Shay is a great person and I know she will be a great mom. I appreciate all of the volunteers and donations that have been made so far. I would like to use my very first blog to invite all of you out to the First Presbyterian church for Chili with all of the fixings and great homemade desserts. See you all then!

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Lamm said...

I wish I was there to help you! Such a great cause--I know your first fundraiser will be amazing! And you know you have to keep this blog up-to-date so I can keep up with you guys! Love and miss you, BFF!